A Valentine to Myself

dearselfToo often, we forget the care we need to give ourselves. Some strive for validation from others, others crave their attention. But, in the long run, you need to respect and love yourself first before you can love and care for anyone else. That’s why this year, I’m writing myself a Valentine.

Dear Claire-Marie,

Look at where you’ve come and where you’re going.

You always had dreamt of a life like this, but you never knew that you would achieve your goals so quickly. Remember when you used to write on triple lined paper that smelled like cardboard in your thick, dull pencil? You dreamt as much then as you dream now. When the teacher used to ask you what you wanted to be when you grew up, some days you’d reply “teacher,” and other days you’d say “to be loved.” That wasn’t just profound; that was the trajectory you’ve always followed – and continue to.

Claire-Marie. You focus too much on others sometimes. That’s why you need this Valentine. It’s a reminder that you count, too. In the grand scale of things, you’ve always wanted to be the harmonizer. The one who listens to the unlistened. The one who inspires those who were told they can’t. Take some time to dedicate care meant for yourself, too. You deserve it.

Amid the papers and books you scour and scrutinize, take time to take a step back and enjoy the humble silence of your own words, bubbling just below the surface. Sometimes the greatest endeavor is to hear yourself; a singularity in an endlessly connected world.

That gapped-tooth girl with the unruly hair – you’ve looked in the mirror and have seen her grow through your marble green eyes. That quirkiness of yours has developed from being a childish charm to an eclectic maturity. It’s beautiful to watch life progress. You secretly can’t wait to see how you’ll age. Well, you expect, as all fine vintages do.

There aren’t any words that a generic card could produce to encapsulate all that you are to others; all that you are to yourself. On the occasion that you’re having a gloomy day and you feel down, remember the power that lies within you. Remember that first and foremost, you belong to yourself. You’re beautiful.

With love,



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