If I were to summarize the statuses I’ve seen and the messages I’ve received all morning, the consensus would be fear.
Months ago before we conclusively knew who would finally become the candidate for the Democrats and Republicans, I decided to attend a Trump Rally – not to protest, but to listen. And do you know what had motivated supporters to wake up at the crack of dawn to attend? Fear.

Americans like you today are sitting at home, either crying or rejoicing, but fear continues to loom in the shadows of our nation. It may sound cliché to quote Roosevelt’s inaugural address at a time like this, but his words echo to the present day when he asserts “that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself […] which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.” 

Advance. Move away from fear. If your heart rejoices today, let it rejoice knowing that many Americans fear your choice and need your support and respect. If you are shaken to the core today, realize there are many who worked tirelessly and genuinely dreamed for this day to come. It doesn’t mean that the progress you exemplify as a person will suddenly go away. It doesn’t mean fear should change you. Stand proud. Continue to live as the person you’ve always been, without fear or reserve. 

Our country’s divide must begin to heal and turn away from fear. May the road ahead provide clarity.


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